History of the Name Flaig

Flaig is a very famous name in the Black Forest.
It is supposed that farmers from Wuerttemberg, Austria or Westphalia
with experiences in clearing country and rooting out forests were settled in the Black Forest
by the local authorities.

The name changed in various kinds during history:
Flaigg, Flaig, Fleig, Fleug, Flig, Flaigg, Floeg, Flag, Fleueg.
Actually, the i in the name Flaig is a middle-German prolonging vowel,
thus, as until today the e in the name of Soest.

The name Flaig accumulated a lot in the 14th century in the region of
Schramberg, Villingen, St. Georgen and Schwenningen.
This is because the first citation of the name is proved in documents about 1300,
in these regions and here especially in Buchenberg and Waldau.

The families were living in this regions for centuries as you can see by names in maps of that region as:
z.B. Fleigenwald southeast Koenigsfeld, Flaighof in Hugswald/Hardt, and Fleigenhof Langenberg, Tennenbronn

In the phonebook in Germany you can find 1418 Flaig and 1174 Fleig,
the majority in Baden-Wuerttemberg, another 716 Floeg(e)l, 557 Fleige and 322 Flig(g)(e)
are registered mostly in Northern Germany. (as of 2000)

Nowadays caused by different emigration you may find the name in the following regions, countries and contingents:
Europe: Bessarabia today Russia, Prussia, Banat, Austria, Great Britain, France, North Ireland
Overseas: America, Canada, Australia, Newsealand, South Africa
Sometimes, the name was changed according to the new language: e.g. Flike that means phonetically adapted to the language.

developed and programmed by: Tobias & Franz Josef Flaig