Description of the Coat of Arms


Coat of arms: A red lion with a red tongue holding in his paws a red mill wheel on a silver coloured built wall with merlants on a golden shield.

Helmet: Growing red lion with the red mill wheel of the shield.

Cover: red and gold

Meaning of the Arms

Lion = boldness, power and strength in the battle with
fearless valour. Largesse, dignity, superiority and reputation of the progenitor.

Mill wheel = business of ancestors (miller in Buchenberg).

Shield Colours:

Gold = intellect, reputation of the virtue and highness.

Red = burning virtue, desire to serve the Fatherland,
beside a God resigned heart which is ready to spill its blood for God's word.

Silver = pureness, wisdom, chastity, purity
joy and justice.

Developed and programmed by: Tobias & Franz Josef Flaig